Spring Painting Services Simpsonville

Spring Painting Services Simpsonville

Winter is over and Spring time is here which is a perfect opprunity to refresh the exterior of your house with a new coat of paint. A fresh coat of exterior paint will make your home feel clean, and lively! For those who would like expert professional results, here are a couple of tips that will help you with you project.

Consider The weather: Make sure that you choose a dry time of year, with low humidity. Your freshly painted surface need appropriate time to dry.

Pay for What You Get: Trying to save money by selecting a lower quality paint can cost you more in the long run especially when it comes to the exterior of your home. Choosing a good quality exterior paint like Sherwin Williams Emerald, or Benjamin Moore Aura will give your home good long0lasting solid protection.


Cleaning the Surface: Cleaning is one of the most important steps will it comes to prep. Paint cannot properly bond and adhere if your trying to paint over dirt and grime. A Simple power wash or a hand was in some cases with a mild bio degradable cleaner will get the surface rdy for the next step. 

Surface Preparation: Next you want to remove any loose paint by using a paint scraper or a painter’s putty knife if any, then lightly sand the surface, (Please select correct sand paper for what your sanding.)

Priming: Any bare or exposed wood needs to be primed before painting. I recommend an oil base primer, but an exterior latex primer can also be used.

Painting: Before you paint make sure the ground is covered if drop clothes if needed and anything of value is either covered or moved of the way.

Next work with the sun and not against it. Exterior surface of your house can heat up quickly. So, work away from the sun even if you must go back to an area later. This allows you to paint the surface safely and correctly.

So what are you waiting for! Schedule an appointment for a free quote!