Problem Solving

Problem Solving

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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

You want beautiful cabinets but not the expense to replace them? We’ve got you covered. Your cabinets can have a beautiful finish and color. We can re-stain your wood cabinet to their natural luster. Depending on the material your cabinets are made of determines whether you can paint or re-stain them. Our company will provide a no cost estimate to determine whether kitchen cabinet painting is right for you.

Plaster Restoration

Old cracked plaster, badly repaired plaster is an eye sore. No one wants to look at that, especially a home owner restoring their living space. We can assess the damage and quickly apply solutions to get your walls looking better.

Natural Wood Finishes

Repeat applications of shellac coatings can truly cover the natural beauty of a wood finish. You want your wood restored to a lovely finish and our techs take every precaution in handling your woodwork. Our goal is restore your woods natural beauty using non toxic materials.


Mildew is a fungus. Exposure to water and damp conditions can damage surfaces. If mildew is not properly removed before applying fresh paint it will resurface. The mildew must be treated first and then paint can be applied. First we treat the mildew, repair the damage and apply special products to help block the mildew from reoccurring.