Why hire a professional paint contractor

Why hire a professional paint contractor

Hiring a professional

You’ve probably figured out that it’s easier and sometimes more cost effective just to hire a paint professional . You want your home to look clean and beautiful and a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference. You’ll want a professional paint contractor to get the job done fast and with the lowest impact to your life. As painting professional we can offer suggestions on products that may be more cost effective. You want the best possible outcome for your painting to enjoy for a very long time. When hiring a professional paint contractor you want to be sure the painter has good references

Prep Is Everything

The most critical step in painting any surface is preparing the surface for the paint or stain. Our techs pay attention to details while preparing your home for your new paint. You want your painting to be lasting. The proper techniques and skilled preparation employed by out techs protects your home and guarantees lasting results. Here at Southern Innovations SC we are proactive in preparing the surface properly so the paint will have the foundation it needs to be the quality finish you want.

About Us

We are a full service painting company located in Simpsonville South Carolina. We paint Exteriors and Interiors, Historic Home Restoration and Kitchen Cabinet refinishing. Services also include Power Washing, Custom Exterior Hand Washing, Deck and Wood. We love Eco-Friendly Painting. We love our craft and are committed to our customer service. When you need a professional paint contractor look to Southern Innovations SC to bring your new paint job to a whole new level of excellence.

professional paint contractor

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